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    Easy and convenient migration from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign

    Category: Other useful soft

    Q2ID is a plugin for Adobe InDesign that lets you import, convert, and work with QuarkXPress files, even if you don't have QuarkXPress on your computer.

    Compress PDF online with a free PDF compressor

    Category: Other useful soft

    PDF Reducer Cloud is a web-based solution allowing you to compress PDF online. The online PDF reducer is free for all your PDF compression needs.

    Using a boot manager to enable easy dual boot and multi-boot

    Category: Other useful soft

    With the right boot manager, you can run several operating systems on one machine in a dual boot or multi-boot environment.

    Diagnose and repair computer problems with Active@ Boot Disk

    Category: Other useful soft

    Active@ Boot Disk is a collection of powerful utilities that run off their own operating system for performing data recovery, disk imaging, secure data erasure and more.

    A complete toolset for digital data recovery and security

    Category: Other useful soft

    Active@ LiveCD 7 provides everything you need to back up, recover, or securely erase data in one convenient package.

    The ultimate set of disk utilities in one convenient package

    Category: Other useful soft

    Active@ Data Studio provides everything you need to restore and backup storage devices, erase data securely, monitor drive health, and more in a fully self-contained operating environment.

    Restore deleted files with Active@ File Recovery

    Category: Other useful soft

    Recovering deleted data doesn't have to be difficult with Active@ File Recovery at your disposal - a complete solution for recovering files from deleted, damaged, or formatted volumes.

    Recover deleted files and partitions with Active@ Uneraser

    Category: Other useful soft

    Active@ Uneraser is a free utility for recovering deleted files and folders located on damaged, formatted or deleted storage volumes.

    Automate FTP and SFTP transfers to keep all your data current

    Category: Other useful soft

    FTPGetter 3 Professional helps businesses overcome the cumbersome manual processes of synchronizing data between local and remote servers to automate FTP and SFTP transfers.

    Restore deleted and damaged hard drive partitions

    Category: Other useful soft

    When a hard drive partition is deleted or damaged, it's easy to assume that the files on it are gone for good. Active@ Partition Recovery can help you get back what you lost.